I'm Kalysa Wilson

I'm a Personal Brand & Amazon Product Photographer.

I help Entrepreneurs align their Brands to attract their dream clients and grow their dream business. 

I Love:

  • My silly kids

  • Hazelnut coffee

  • Maxwell

  • Dancing

  • Orchids

  • Sexy jumpsuits

Starting at the age of 17yrs, I started growing an online company, my problem how do I market and create my brand? Ah! The research allowed me to delve right into branding and marketing to creating my first branded company. Suddenly I became the go-to girl that answering questions about building a brand that meets their vision/dream company. 

Wow! Oh, how life changes keep showing the way. 

  • I opened a photography studio, that was #1 in the Central Florida Market. I coached 1:1 photographer's on running a business and developing a brand that would stand out in their markets.

  • I profiled in several magazines, i.e., Getting Married, Orlando Wedding’s early in her career. I am known in the UK (England) and India as a photographer and Strategist, clients, have traveled to the United States to work with me. 

  • Recently IBA Success profiled Kalysa Wilson for her continued growth as a women entrepreneur. Coaching others on how to develop the Soul of their brands on/offline marketing. 

My Story

My Vision

BRAND and they will COME!

To empower, strong ambitious multi-culturally diverse groups of business owners on creating and developing their successful business brand. Because when you; Brand they will come!

Orlando, Florida

©2019 Kalysa Wilson & Co., LLC

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